Research & Development - Technology

At Manor we have a team of design engineers with substantial experience in refrigerated display cabinets and associated equipment. Working closely with other partners including universities, we innovate to continually improve our existing product range. In addition, we are constantly expanding our horizons to develop new and market leading products.

Our in-house design team can work with customers on projects tailored to their specific needs. This can include the modification or personalising of existing Manor products or the joint development of completely new retail display cabinet solutions.

In our state of the art £¼m R&D facility products can be tested using a host of different parameters.

All partner products are tested and approved utilising our own in-house controlled environment research and development laboratory. This facility is available to test and approve the full range of cabinets and accessories.


Testing extends the boundaries and delivers reliability

To ensure we can test to the highest standards, we have invested heavily in our own in-house state of the art controlled environment test laboratory.  This facility has the capability to test cabinets up to 4m in length to the latest specifications, with most refrigeration gasses including CO2.

Testing can be monitored closely in our controlled environment test facility

Although it is predominantly used to assist R&D with the development of new products for the company, it is also available to support customers. For instance, where a refrigeration product may need re-testing after a change in design or a new way of merchandising needs evaluating to ensure the refrigerated cabinet is still performing to the required standard.

The facility is also essential in the development of specific new products.


Project control

To ensure the smooth running of client projects, we provide a comprehensive project management service. This includes the overseeing of design, build and installation for both our products and refurbishment contracts with existing cabinets.