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Ergonomics first and foremost

In response to growing demand for more people-friendly and environment-friendly counters, Arneg’s R&D department has come up with EVORA, a counter specially designed to make the work of staff easier and to facilitate customer access.

Products are presented on two levels, a top level for foods ready for serving and a bottom, reserve level.

Behind the counter, the movements of serving staff are far easier thanks to a working-height shelf. Bending is only needed to access the reserve section and even here a practical pull-out drawer ensures easy access.

Customers gain a better shopping experience. Products are positioned higher than in conventional serve-over counters and, being nearer to eye level, are easier to see and to pick. The bottom section is highly functional too as it lets you present your entire cold cuts, cheese and deli offering, with large items in clear view.

This fully enclosed refrigerated counter boasts excellent insulation and high energy efficiency.


Excellent Ergonomics

Maximum Product Visibility

Multi-Level Display

High Energy Saving


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