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F-Gas Certification

We drive change towards more natural refrigeration


The decline of F-Gas

For some time, in addition to encouraging the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants, we have also been focusing on reducing the use of the most polluting gases, because we care about the future of the planet.

The European Union, with the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols, wants to mitigate climate change by reducing the greenhouse effect and emissions of ozone-depleting substances. 

Among the concrete actions in this area there is the EU F-Gas Regulation Decree on the use of hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, for the use of which there is an obligation to certify and register in an electronic register.


Since HFCs are also widely used in commercial refrigeration, we have chosen to support institutions towards the progressive reduction of their use.

Arneg have therefore obtained the F-GAS FLI certification that qualifies us as accredited subjects in the maintenance of HFC plants, allowing us to play a leading role in the gradual reduction of their use, according to the will of the European Community which wants to reach -80% by 2030.

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